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183 Carroll Londoner

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Personal Data

Birth Date - Death Date 




 In 1965 – 1970 He got his PhD in Adult and continuing education from Indiana University Bloomington.

He Hold two Masters Degrees: 

1- (MDiv) in Theology (San Francisco Theological Seminary /UC Berkley) in 1962.

2-(MA) in Education, Indiana University in 1965.

Hold undergraduate degree (BA) from UCLA  in 1958.




Currently :  International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.


Previously : Presbytery of the James, Virginia Commonwealth University, United States Navy.



Awards and Honors


In 2007 Londoner had award of an outstanding record of service to the Profession of adult and continuing education at the state, national, or international level.



Membership-Professional Organizations


He served as president of the Nebraska Adult Education Association, and as AAACE president from 1987-88.


He represented the United States and AAACE at international conferences in Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Finland. 





He has 6 journals 


  1. Londoner, C. (1979). Staff development: A mandate for organizational survival 

     2.  Londoner, C. (1971). Survival needs of the older church member: Implications for educational programming  

     3. Londoner, C. (1972). Teacher-Student Correlates of Goal Expectations

     4. Londoner, C. (1974). Sources of Educational Funds as Motivators for Participating in Adult Secondary Education

     5.Londoner, C. (1972). Perseverance Versus Non perseverance Patterns Among Adult High School Students

     6. Londoner, C. (1971). Survival Needs of the Aged: Implications for Program Planning 



Professional Interest Areas


Londoner was the principal investigator of nearly $10 million in federal and state grants in adult and workplace literacy in 1991-2002, with major programmatic, as well as staff and student impact, on the state of Virginia and the surrounding region.


In 2003, Londoner was selected as a Fulbright Scholar to Suriname, South America, where he conducted workshops and seminars on curriculum and faculty development and the future role of adult education in higher education worldwide to the Anton De Kom University in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State.



Major Contributions to Adult Education


He made significant contributions to the field of adult education through his leadership in the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE), formerly Adult Education, USA, and in many national board and state leadership roles.


Londoner provided key leadership with the establishment of the Adult and Continuing Education program at the University of Nebraska in 1968, as well as established chair leadership for the Adult and Human Resource Development program at Virginia Commonwealth University from 1972-2003.


Londoner served as a consultant to the Office of Adult Education, Virginia Department of Education, and Commonwealth of Virginia for 32 years. He conducted staff development training, program planning, needs assessment and evaluation studies to members of the organization. Londoner is known for his early contributions to the areas of educational gerontology, adult learning, and human resource development, with emphases on organizational development, organizational change, and consulting in adult education. He is also recognized for his recent contribution to the Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education regarding the use of digital mediated technology.




Additional Resources



Photo Gallery











Interesting Facts


 Still alive until now.
















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