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143 Robert Frank Schenz

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June 1, 1922 - September 12, 2005




Personal Data

Born: June 1, 1922 in Buchtel, OH

Married: Marian Abram

Children: son, Clark, and a daughter, Jacquie

Four grandchildren: Lee, Anthony, Lindsay, and Kendall

Died: September 12, 2005 in San Diego, CA



Graduated from Buchtel High School, Buchtel, OH 1940

Graduated from Ohio State University. Studied engineering (type of engineering and graduation date unknown)

Attended Northwestern University, but was called to duty for WWII

Earned his Master's Degree and PhD from UCLA



Principal, Jordan Adult School, Los Angeles, CA

Principal of Adult Education for Los Angeles Unified City School District and Board of Education-33 years

Retired 1981 to Rancho Sante Fe, CA


Awards and Honors

1981 Life Membership CCAE State Awards


Membership-Professional Organizations

 President of his local Kiwanis organization

President of the National Association for Public School Adult Education



1956 Guide for Administrators and Teachers


Professional Interest Areas

Adult Education, Public Education


Major Contributions to Adult Education

33 years in Los Angeles Unified City school District - Adult Education.


Additional Resources



Photo Gallery









Interesting Facts

Robert was an avid golfer

He and his wife were in an accident caused by a drunk driver.  His wife died in 2000 from injuries in that accident.

Youngest Principal in the Jordan Adult school’s history(Retrieved from: http://www.usshadley.com/Schenz.htm).

Schenz  in 1982 became a Charter member with The Farms Golf Club in Rancho Santa Fe(Retrieved from:  http://www.usshadley.com/Schenz.htm 

A car accident from a drunk driver killed Robert’s wife.(Retrieved from:  http://www.usshadley.com/Schenz.htm).
Robert wrote a book for Administrators and teachers in pre-school education(

Schenz aboard  the USS Hadley in his “ground-breaking Destroyer”(Retrieved from:  http://www.usshadley.com/Schenz.htm

Shenz received retirement for acting in role of Lieutenant in  1982. Schenze). He  was in the Farm golf-club. Charter member in  1989

He served as an Ensign WWII to the USS Hadly 1982 (Retrieved from: http://www.usshadley.com/Schenz.htm)




 “He gave away books for children”(Retrieved at: http://www.usshadley.com/Schenz.htm).





Aitken, D.G. (n.d). Robert F. Schenz ENS. Retrieved from http://www.usshadley.com/Schenz.htm







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