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113 Felix Moritz Warburg

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January 14, 1871 - September 20, 1937



Personal Data

Born: January 14, 1871 in Hamburg, Germany

Parents: Moritz Moses Warburg and Charlotte Esther Warburg, grandson of Moses Marcus Warburg, who was one of the founders of the bank MM. Warburg

Married:  Frieda Fanny Schiff 

Children; four sons (Frederick Marcus, Gerald Felix, Paul Felix and Edward Mortimer Morris) and one daughter (Carola)

Died October 20, 1937 in New York, NY



Hamburg, Germany 

1888 to 1894 Business Apprenticeship in Frankfurt, Germany 



Kuhn, Loeb & Co., partner  


Awards and Honors



Membership-Professional Organizations


Member, Board of Education, New York City

Trustee, Columbia University, New York City

Governor, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Director, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Member of the Board, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. 

Jewish Agency Chairman, Administrative Committee (1929-1930)

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Chairman (1914-1932)

Federation for the Support of Philanthropic Societies of New York City, founded in 1917

M.M. Warburg & Co. Partner









Professional Interest Areas

Philanthropist, education and culture

He wanted to aid the poor, heal the sick, educate the young and build the Jewish community


Major Contributions to Adult Education

promotor of adult education, gave time and money to promote projects such as the Education Alliance's work in the Jewish Russian ghettos of New York 


Additional Resources



Photo Gallery








Interesting Facts


There is a Felix M. Warburg Hall of New York State Enviroment found in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. 





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