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134 Edward Manfred Evans

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November 29, 1893 - May 14, 1964


 Edward Manfred Evans


Personal Data

Birth: November 29, 1893 WI

Death: May 14, 1964 Los Angeles, CA

Buried: Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, CA

Married: Edna Marguerite Sedwick

Children: Marjorie, Howard, Dorothy



1917 Graduated University of Southern California



1936-1952 Supervisor of Adult Education, Los Angeles Public Schools, Los Angeles, CA

1942-1945 Acting Chief, Division of Adult Education 

1955           Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Adult Education Branch, Los Angeles, CA


Awards and Honors

NAPCAE Outstanding Service Award (1955)

California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) has an "E. Manfred Evans" award given annually in recognition of someone with exemplary service to adult education.


Membership-Professional Organizations

Appointed Executive Committee, Adult Education Association of the United States (1951)

President and Chairman, National Association for Public School Adult Education (1952-1953)

President, California Associate of Adult Education Administrators (1952-1953)

Board of Directors, National Association for Public School Adult Education (1954-1955)



Public school adult education: A guide for administrators and teachers. (1956).


Professional Interest Areas

Adult Education


Major Contributions to Adult Education

Edward Manfred Evans was a long-time supporter and administrator of Adult Education in the Los Angeles, California school district. His career in LA Adult Education as a leader, supervisor, and chief along with his memberships in Adult Education organizations all heavily contributed to the growth of Adult Education in southern California through the 1930s-1950s. His major contribution came on September 1, 1937 when The E. Manfred Evans Community Adult School was opened in Los Angeles, California. The school remains open today. 


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Interesting Facts

E. Manfred Evans was the first president of the National Association for Public School Adult Education. The association was later renamed the National Association of Public and Continuing Adult Education.  In 1982, the renamed organization consolidated with the Adult Education Association to create the American Association for Adult Continuing Education. 


Belonged to the Skull and Dagger Honorary Society at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA during his undergraduate degree.


E. Manfred Evans was appointed Supervisor of Adult Education for Los Angeles Public Schools when it was established 1936. This command was over nearly all adult education in LA schools. In that position, E. Manfred Evans was directly responsible for twenty-four full-time adult school principals as well as other branches and divisions as outlined in the following organizational chart. The adult school program was so large and well known that he received state and national recognition. 





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