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122 Benjamin Mark Cherrington

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November 1, 1885 - May 2, 1980


        Benjamin Mark Cherrington


Personal Data

Birth: November 1, 1885 in Gibbon, Nebraska 

Death: May 2, 1980 in Denver, Colorado

Wife: Edith Harper, married June 28, 1924

Children: Anne Mary and Benjamin Mark Jr.



1911 Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Nebraska 

1922 Master of Arts (MA), Economics, University of California 

1934 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Columbia University 

1934 Doctor of Laws, (L.L.D.), University of Nebraska 

1953 Doctor of Public Service, University of Denver 



1905-1907 Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Adrian, Michigan

1911            High School Teacher and Coach in Omaha, Nebraska

1917            State Chapter Secretary, YMCA California

1919            Executive Secretary, Denver Student Chapter of the YMCA

1926-1951 University of Denver

                              Instructor, University of Denver (1926 - 1951)

                              Director, University of Denver's Social Science Foundation (1943)

                              Director, University of Denver Graduate School of International Studies

                              Chair, The Graduate School

                              Acting Chancellor, University of Denver (1943 - 1946)

1938           Organized Division of Cultural Relations in the U.S. Department of State

1944           Involved with the U.N. San Francisco Convention

1945           Co-founder of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Chair and Vice-Chair


Awards and Honors

Honored by Queen Elizabeth for his contributions to international affairs (1956)

Ben M. Cherrington Hall was built in his honor at the University of Denver to house the Graduate School of International Studies (1965)

Adult Education Council of Denver honors Benjamin Cherrington with Malcolm Wyer award (1965)


Membership-Professional Organizations

YMCA (1911 - 1926)

Phi Delta Kappa (1928)

Adult Education Council of Denver (1928 - 1942)

League of Nations (1930 - 1938)

Rotary Club of Denver (1936 - 1939)

American Association for Adult Education (1937 - 1938)

US Department of State's Division of Cultural Relations (1938)

National Education Association (1940 - 1946)

Rotary International (1942)

Founder, University of Denver Social Science Foundation (1943)

Co-founder, Interim Chair, Vice-Chair, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (founded 1945)

American Council on Education (1948 - 1949)

President, American Associate for Adult Education ( 1950-1951)

Trustee, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (36 years)



"The British labor movement in the summer of 1921, an exposition based upon seminars with its leaders and critics" (Master's Thesis, 1922)

"Changes in attitude as a result of a lecture and of reading similar materials" (1933)

"Methods of education in international attitudes" (1934)

"America's future cultural relations" (1944)

"The Social Science Foundation" (1946)

"Guide, Mountain-Plains Regional Conference on UNESCO" (1947)

"The nations meet at the ancient crossroads of the world" (1948)

"The role of higher education in world affairs" (1949)

"Twenty-fifth anniversary program" (1951)

"Radio and TV program listenership: a study of Journeys behind the news and What now in the world" (1953) 


Professional Interest Areas

Social Sciences

International Relations

United Nations

Rotary Club

Adult Education

Higher Education

Cultural Relations


Major Contributions to Adult Education

Benjamin Cherrington is most noted for his international and cultural relations work at The University of Denver and with the United Nations (UNESCO), The U.S. Department of State's Division of Cultural Relations, and the League of Nations. His international work showcased his desire to create social change and world consciousness through education. 


Benjamin Cherrington wrote in the Journal of Adult Education in 1939 about the shift from Authoritarian Adult Education to Democratic Adult Education. Instead of regimented conformity from authority, Democratic Adult Education employs the method of self-directed activity with free choice of subject matter and free choice in determining outcomes. In this method, spontaneity is welcomed and it is said to promote individual/critical thinking. 


Additional Resources



The University of Denver Libraries has a Special Collection of "Ben Mark Cherrington" Papers. This collection (Collection #M126) contains resources from 1911 - 1952.

A detailed description of the records in this collection can be found here:


The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, full PDF of "America's Future Cultural Relations" (1944)



The Journal of Social Psychology, full PDF of "Changes in Attitude as the Result of a Lecture and of Reading Similar Materials" (1933)



University of California, Master of Arts in Ecoomics Thesis (1922)



Photo Gallery

Omaha High School, Class of 1904: Benjamin Cherrington, Senior Class President



Featured in "The Rotarian" (1939)


Ben M. Cherrington Hall at the University of Denver (built 1965) 



No video/audio available.   



No presentations available.   



Cherrington, B. M. (1972). Methods of education in international attitudes, by B. M. Cherrington. New York, Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1934. [New York, AMS Press, 1972].



Interesting Facts

Dr. Cherrington was invited to work at the newly-created Division of Cultural Relations in the U.S. Department of State by Secretary of State Cordell Hull and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 




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