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103 Xingzhi Tao

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October 18, 1891 - July 25, 1946



Personal Data


Born     October 18, 1891 (She County, Anhui, China)
Died     July 25, 1946 (Shanghai, China)

Married   Shuqin Wu (1912- )

Children   4




1905 - 1908 Chong Yi School, Anhui, China

1908 - 1909 Guangji School of Medicine, Guangzhou, China

1909 - 1914 Jinling University, Nanjing, China (Bachelor Degree)

1914 - 1915 Illinois University, San Francisco, The United States (MA in Political Science)

1915 - 1917 Columbia University, New York, The United States (Doctorate in educational administration)




1917 - 1918 Nanjing Higher Normal School, China, a professor of education

1918 - 1919 Nanjing Higher Normal School, China, director in College of Education

1919 - 1922 Nanjing Higher Normal School, China, dean of Academic Affairs

1922 - 1923 Southeast University, China, director in College of Education

1923 - 1930 Chinese Education Reform Society, China, director

1927 - 1930 Nanjing Xiaozhuang Normal College, China, president

1932 - 1936 Nanjing automatically Children School, China, dean

1936 - 1946 National calamity Education Agency, China, Chairman

1946 - (Died) Chongqing Social University, China, president


Awards and Honors



Membership-Professional Organizations


China Education Association




1928 "Zhong Guo Jiao Yu Gai Zao" (The Reform of Chinese Education), Shanghai East Asia Library


1932 "Zhai Fu Zi You Tan" (The freedom)


1932 “Jiao Xue Zuo He Yi Tao Lun Ji” (Teaching, learning and doing)


1936 "Zhong Guo Da Zhong Jiao Yu Wen Ti" (The public education problems in Chinese culture community)


1945 "Pu Ji Xian Dai Sheng Huo Jiao Yu Zhi Lu Ji Qi Fang An" (The road to access of education in modern life)


1929 "Xing Zhi Shu Xin" (The letters from Xingzhi)


1933 "Xing Zhi Shi Ge Ji" (The chapbook from Xingzhi)


1935 "Xing Zhi Shi Ge Qian Ji" (Th efirst chapbook from Xingzhi)


1936 "Xing Zhi Shi Ge San Ji" (The third chapbook from Xingzhi)


Professional Interest Areas




Major Contributions to Adult Education


In August 1923, Tao and Y.C. James Yen organized a National Association of Mass Education Movements (MEM).


Additional Resources



Photo Gallery








Interesting Facts





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