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58 Everett Dean Martin

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July 5, 1880 - May 10, 1941


Everett Dean Martin2.png


Personal Data


Born: July 5, 1880, Jacksonville, IL, oldest of six children.

Died: May 10, 1941. Claremont, CA of a heart attack 

Married: Esther Ward Kirk, April 30, 1907, Cook Co., IL

Children:  three daughters: Mary, Margaret, and Elizabeth.

Married: Persis Eastman Rowell in New York in 1915.   Divorced.  

Children: son named Everett Burnside Eastman, born about 1925

Married: Daphne Crane Drake in 1931





B.S. Illinois College (graduated Cum Laude and delivered the Salutatory speech)

McCormick Theological Seminary (Chicago)




1906 - 1908 – Pastor, First Congregational Church, Lombard, IL.
1908 - 1911 – Pastor, People’s Church, Dixon, IL.
1911 - 1915 – Pastor, First Unitarian Church, Des Moines, IA.

1914 - 1915- Columnist for Des Moines' Register and Leader
1915 - 1917 – Editorial Writer, New York Globe.
1917 - 1922 – Assistant to the Acting Director and Secretary, People’s Institute of Cooper Union, New York.

1922 - 1934- Director of the People's Institute of Cooper Union, New York

1936 - N/A- Job Title NA, Clarement Colleges, Southern California


Awards and Honors




Membership-Professional Organizations


American Association for Adult Education




Martin, E. D. (1920). The behavior of crowds: a psychological study. New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers.


Martin, E. D. (1925, January). The Mystery of Religion: A Study in Social Psychology. American Journal of Sociology30(4), 479 - 481.


Martin, E. D. (1926). The Meaning of a Liberal Education. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.


Martin, E. D., & Hall, E. W. (1931, April). Liberty41(3), 381 - 386.

Martin, E. D. (1931, October 21). What I Believe. The Nation, 426 - 428.



Martin, E. D. (1932). The Conflict of the individual and the mass in the modern world. New York: H. Holt and Co.


Martin, E. D. (1935). Farewell to Revolution. New York: Norton.


Martin, E. D. (1937). Politeia and Daimon. Journal of Adult Education. 233-240.




Professional Interest Areas


Socialism, Religion, Adult Education, Journalism


Major Contributions to Adult Education


Architect of American Association for Adult Education

Lectures on Adult Education revolutionized the field


Additional Resources



Photo Gallery







October 1911-1915: The Jesus Story: In the Light of the Science of Historical Criticism


October 1913: The Meaning of an Education in the Twentieth Century




Interesting Facts


Martin stressed self-reliance, discipline, and the examined life as the most important objectives of adult education. 


Martin's divorce to his first wife while serving as a Minister caused controversy. He quit his job, and also lost his job as a journalist. He then moved to New York where he found work and married his second wife. This all took place in 1915.


His influences were William James and Carl Ludwig Nietzsche.



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