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55 Alvin Saunders Johnson

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Birth Date - Death Date

12/18/1874 to 06/09/1971




Personal Data

Born in Dakota County, Nebraska

He married Margarett Edith Henry in 1904.

Father of seven children




1897     B.A. University of Nebraska

1898     M.A., Master given by same special act of Nebraska Legislature,

1901     Ph.D., Columbia University




1902-1906      Teacher, Economics, Bryn Mawr College

                         Teacher, Columbia University, University of Nebraska, University of  Texas,

                         University of Chicago, Stanford University, and Cornell University

1919                 Founded the New School for Social Research


Awards and Honors

1939     Yale University, honorary M.A.

1940     University of Nebraska, L.L.D

1943     American and European Scholars Awards

1945     University of Algiers, Doc., Honoris Causa



Membership-Professional Organizations

1936     American Economics Association, President


1939     American Association of Adult Education, President 





Professional Interest Areas

Establishing a true school of advanced adult education- the New School for Social Research



Major Contributions to Adult Education

He provided leadership to the New School, and he directed its philosophical adult education. He successfully completed the Encycopedia of the Social Sciences in the 1930's. While at Columbia, he wrote 1 book, 6 articles, and 12 book reviews in 4 years.



Additional Resources



Photo Gallery










Interesting Facts



 In 1944 he drafted the Ives-Quinn Law for the New York Legislature. This statute was enacted to penalize discrimination against Jews and African Americans. On March 12, 1945, when Governor Thomas E. Dewey signed in to law the Ives-Quinn Anti-Discrimination Bill, New York became the first state to enact legislation curtailing the practice of discriminating against job applicants and employees on the basis of race, religion, or creed.



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