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54 Gary Allen Eyre

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Birth Date - Death Date

November 19, 1932



Personal Data


Born: November 19, 1932, Salt Lake City, Utah

Father of three





1959-  B.S. Physical Education & Biological Science, University of Utah

1963-  M.A. Secondary Administration, Colorado State College

1974-  Ed.D. Administration, University of Northern Colorado





1958-1959     Extension Instructor, University of Utah, Salt L:ake City, Utah

1959-1961     Biology Teacher and Coach, Meeker High School, Meeker, Colorado

1962               Administrative Intern, College High School, Greeley, Colorado

1962-1963     Elementary Principal, Moab Utah

1963-1965     Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Moab, Utah

1966- 1970    State Director, Adult Education, Cololrado Department of Education, Denver, Colorado

1970- 1971    High School Administrator, Lakewood, Colorado

1971- 1982    Executive Director, National Advisory Council on Adult Education, Washington, DC   

1982- 1984    Executive Director, Americam Association for Adult and Continuing Education, Washington, DC

1985-1986     American Council on Education, Washington, DC

1986                State Director, Adult Education, Phoenix, Arizona   




Awards and Honors

National Pioneer Award, Adult Education

Lifelong Learning Medallion Award, Adult Education Association

National Service Award for Adult Basic Education

U.S. Education Delegate to the Soviet Union

Certificate of Education Merrit, Colorado Department of Education

Outstanding Adult Educator, Colorado Association for Public School Adult Education

National Adult Education Outstanding Service Award

Inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame



Membership-Professional Organizations

American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, First Executive Director

American Association of School Administrators

American Council on Education, Marketing Director

National Advisory Council of Adult Education, Executive Director

National Council of State Directors of Adult Education

National Community School Education Association

National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium, Historian





               Colorado State Plan for Adult Education Adult High School Diploma Program Presidential Annual Reports-NACAE.


1972     Career Renewal Through Adult Education, National Advisory Council on Adult Education


1982      Join your professional organizations, Materials and Methods in Adult and Continuing Education and A History of the Adult Education Act, National Adult Education Professional                Consortium.


1990       25 Years- A Dream Fulfilled, Adult Education Program Annual Report




Professional Interest Areas


Local, state, and federal legislation of Adult, Continuing and Community Education. 


Major Contributions to Adult Education

Legislation Action

Head of the National Advisory Council on Adult Education for 11 years

First Executive Director of AAACE, professional integrity and commitment in service to AAACE



Additional Resources



Photo Gallery








Interesting Facts


He served in the Nixon administration, under President Gerald Ford, and President Jimmy Carter, and a year under President Ronald Reagan.  He became an F-16 pilot during college. He also ran track during college at the University of Utah and for the Marines in Seoul, South Korea, and at the Asian Games in Sendei, Japan. 


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