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88 Harold W Stubblefield

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Birth Date - Death Date



Personal Data





Bachelor’s in social science and technology

Master’s in pastoral counseling

Ph.D. in adult education





Professor, Adult Education, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1973-1998




Awards and Honors

1988 Imogene Okes Award for Outstanding Research in Adult Education


1995 National University Continuing Education Association’ s Philip E. Frandson Award for Literature

2001 International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame  


Membership-Professional Organizations


Association for Voluntary Action Scholars, board of directors

Commission of Professors of Adult Education, chair

Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education

Consulting editor of Adult Education Quarterly







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1996     Cultural and Intercultural Experiences in European Adult Education: Essays on Popular and Higher … - HW Stubblefield - History of Education Quarterly, - JSTOR


 2002     Forging a New Mission: Implications from the Experiences of Antecedent National Associations. - HW Stubblefield - Adult Learning - questia.com


Professional Interest Areas


Adult Basic Education, History of Adult Education




Major Contributions to Adult Education


According to his Dr. Stubblefield's (2001) bio as presented by the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame induction announcement  "Prior experience as a chaplain enabled him to excel as advisor, teacher, and administrator. He served in various capacities with the Commission of Professors of Adult Education, including two years as national chair, and currently is a member of the Executive Committee. He has served on the board of directors for the Association for Voluntary Action Scholars and the Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education.



Dr. Stubblefield was professor of adult education at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University from 1973 until his retirement in 1998. At Virginia Polytechnic Institute, he was the first full-time adult education faculty member and headed the program from 1973 to 1993. He developed and established the adult education doctoral program and developed several off-campus master's programs. He also served as principal investigator for funded research related to educational needs of Adult Basic Education (ABE) teachers, a national survey of volunteer administrators' educational and training needs, and basic skills training in the workplace for ASTD. He moved from Blacksburg to the institution's emerging Northern Virginia Graduate Center and established their adult education graduate program in 1985. During 1993 to 1995, he served as program director for all graduate education programs and helped turn the center into a major graduate education provider in the greater Washington, DC, area.


Stubblefield's scholarship has focused on adult education history. His publications include Towards a History of Adult Education in America, for which he received the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education Imogene Okes Award in 1988 for Outstanding Research in Adult Education. He co-authored Adult Education in the American Experience: From the Colonial Period to the Present with Patrick Keane, which won the National University Continuing Education Association's Philip E. Frandson Award for Literature in 1995." (International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame, 2001)



History of adult education, Graduate education programs for adult education




Additional Resources



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Photo Gallery




stubblefield podcast.wma






Adult Education in the American Experience: From the Colonial Period to the Present (Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education)             Front Cover   


Interesting Facts




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I would highly recommend Dr. Stubblefields book: Towards a History in Adult Education in America as required reading for all adult education students. I feel this will serve well as a historical preparation for qualifying exams

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