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10 Paul Henry Sheats

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Dec 5, 1907 - Aug 12, 1984



Personal Data

Born in Tiffin, OH

Married: Dorothea Burns in 1929

Married: Helen Taylor in 1942

Married: June M. Dow in 1967

Children: 4



A.B. Heidelburg College, Tiffin, OH 1929

A.M. Columbia University, 1930

Ph.D. Yale University, 1936

Hon. L.L.D., Akron University, Akron, OH, 1966

Kellogg Resident Fellow, Oxford University, Oxford, UK., 1967



1930-34 - Instructor in Government, New York State College for Teachers, Albany, NY

1934-36 - Instructor in Education, Yale University, New Haven, CT

1936-37 - Director, Federal Forum Project, Chattanooga, TN

1937-39 - Administrative Assistant, Federal Forum Demonstration, Office of Education, Washington, DC

1939-42 - Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

1942-43 - Head of the Adult Education Section, Office of War Information, Washington, DC

1943-44 - Director, New Tools for Learning, New York, NY

1944-46 - Education Director, Town Hall, Inc.

1957-67 - Ran statewide University of California Extension Program, largest in country.

1946-75 - Associate Professor Graduate School of Education, University of California, Los Angeles, CA


Awards and Honors

 Delbert Clark Adult Education Award, 1970


Membership-Professional Organizations

Adult Education Association of the U.S.A. (president, 1967) 
American Educational Research Association 
Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges
National Education Association of the United States (president of the association's Department of Adult Education [NEA]
National University Extension Association (president) [NUEA]
United States National UNESCO 1950-1956



Numerous articles, monographs, books, and book chapters. Some of his important works are as follows:

Sheats, P. H. (1938). Education and the quest for a middle way. The Macmillan Company. 

Studebaker, J. W., Sheats, P. H., & Williams, C. S. (1938). Forums for young people : a study of problems and plans involved in providing forum discussions for high-school and college students, and for young people in the community. U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1938. 


Sheats, P. H., Jayne, C. D., & Spence, R. B. (1953). Adult education - the community approach. New York: Dryden Press, 1953.


Sheats, P. H. (1960). A report on university adult education in Australia and New Zealand / Paul H. Sheats. Chicago: Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults, 1960.


Sheats, P. H. (1965). The case against the adult dropout. Boston: Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults at Boston University, 1965.


 Sheats, P. H. (1965). Unversity extension: a hitory;: An interview conducted by Barth Dow. Oral History Program, Library, University of California, 1965.


Deshler, J., California Univ., L. n., & And, O. (1975). Developing Community Services in the Seventies: New Roles for Higher Education. 


Professional Interest Areas

Adult Education



Additional Resources



Frederick, R. W., & Sheats, P. H. (1936). Citizenship education through the social studies: a philosophy and a program.Clearing House11, 249.


Sheats, P. H. (1938). Forums in the high school. Social Studies, 29, 119-120.


Sheats, P. H. (1944). Filmpaths to learning. Clearing House, 1962.


Sheats, P. H. (1949). Contribution of university extension to learning. Journal Of Higher Education, 2077.


Sheats, P. H., & McLaughlin, L. K. (1950). Methods in adult education. Review Of Educational Research, 20, 207-215.


Photo Gallery








Sheats, P. (1960). A report on university adult education in Australia and New Zealand / Paul H. Sheats. Chicago : Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults, 1960.


Interesting Facts



Hiemstra,R. Paul Sheats personal vita. Retrieved from http://www-distance.syr.edu/pvitaphs.html 


Paul Henry Sheats papers. Syracuse University Libries Finding Asids. Retrieved from http://library.syr.edu/digital/guides/s/sheats_ph.htm 





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