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09 George Frederick Aker

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June 2, 1927 - March 18, 1987



Personal Data


Born:  June 2, 1927, Ft. Wayne, IN

Married:  Patricia Lou Lawson, 1946

Children: 4

Died:   March 18, 1987, Panama City, Panama




1950  B. S., Life Sciences, Purdue University


1958  M. S., Cooperative Extension Education, University of Wisconsin


1962  Ph. D., Adult Education and Psychology, University of Wisconsin









Delegate to Congreso Inter-American de Andragogia

National Institute of Adult Education, Mexico

Nova University

National Experiment University, Venezuela

Professor, University of Wisconsin


Director of Division of Educational Management Systems


Florida State University, Associate Professor, Head of Adult Education


Resident Assistant, Adult Psychology, University of Wisconsin


Urban Development, Purdue University, Indiana


Resident Associate, Community Development, University of Wisconsin


Cooperative Extension Agent, Rural Development, Purdue University


Instructor, Life Sciences and Biochemistry, University of Missouri



Awards and Honors


Leadership and Service Award, Adult Education Association of the U.S.A.

Distinguished Service Award, American

Chairman, National Seminar Adult Education

Florida Adult Education Association

Honorary President, Venezuela National Association for Adult Education

Citation of Outstanding Service, Florida Law Enforcement Academy

National Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Advisor to President’s Council on Education

Consultant, education system group, U.S. Office of Education and U. S. Department of Labor


Membership-Professional Organizations


Adult Education Association, Chairman Research Committee

Adult Education Association, Vice President, 1967-68

Adult Education Association, President, 1969-70

National Association for Public, Continuing and Adult Education

National Association of Community Schools

National University Extension Association

Phi Delta Kappa

American Education Research Association

Alpha Zeta

Interamerican Federation for Adult Education, Vice-President





Criteria for Evaluating Graduate Study in Adult Education, University of Chicago


Director of Residential Continuing Education Centers in the United States and Canada, University of Chicago


Studies and Training in Continuing Education, University of Chicago


A Cumulative Report to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, University of Chicago


Adult education procedures: Methods and techniques: A (Ed.) Classified and Annotated Bibliography, Syracuse University of Chicago


Action Education, Board of Regents Office for Continuing Education


Public School Adult Education Almanac, National Association of Public School Adult Educators


Evaluation of an Adult Basic Education Program in a Southern Rural Community, Florida State University Press


Teaching and Learning in Adult Basic Education, Educational Systems Corporation

An Epitome on Research and Readings in Adult Learning, Florida State University


(Editor) 1970 Handbook of Adult Education, Macmillan

An Evaluation of Adult Basic Education in the State of New York: Trends and Projections, University of the State of New York


The Professional Development of Correctional Educators, Florida State University and Florida Division of Corrections


Education for Older Citizens, Florida State University


(Editor) Improving Education for Older Adults, Florida State University

(Editor) Materials and Methods in Adult Education, Klevins Publishing


Case Studies of Sixteen Black Landgrant Colleges: An Evaluation, Rural Community Assistant Consortium



A Guide for Teacher Training in Adult Basic Education, University of The State of New York

Building Adult Reading Skills, Educational Achievement Corporation

A Guide for Competency Based Teacher Training in Adult Basic Education, Research and Technology Corporation


(Editor) Access to Knowledge, Four Volumes, Florida Board of Regents


A View Toward the Future: A Report of the Professor Emeritus Project, Coahoma Junior College

How to Access Needs for Community Instructional Services: A Guide for Adult Education Practitioners, Florida State University


(Editor) Factores en el Apprendizaje Y la Instruction de los Adultos, Tallahassee International Institute of Andragogy


An Analysis of Progres and Outcomes of the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science Project in Rampur Nepal, Wupi, Inc.


Training the Academic Merger, American Council: Washington, DC


International Encyclopedia of Education “Lifelong Education for Adults” Pergmond Press, Oxford, England


Professional Interest Areas


Adult Education

Psychology of Adult Learning

Socio-Environmental Change

Techniques and Procedures of Adult Education

International Adult Education


Major Contributions to Adult Education


Editor of several Almanacs and Handbooks

1970 Handbook of Adult Education

Developed Educational Technologies for Older Persons

Designed New Systems for Coordination with Community Services

Primary head of the Adult Education Program at Florida State University



Additional Resources



Photo Gallery









Interesting Facts 

Died in Panama City, Panama while riding in a taxi that hit a pot hole.  Died from broken neck.





Aker, G. F. (1973). Learning and the older adult: A manual on planning educational programs for older adults. Tallahassee, FL: Florida State University.


Aker, G. F. (1974). A guide for competency based teacher training in adult basic education. Washington, DC: Research and Technology Corp.


Aker, G. F., & Kemerer, R. W. (1980). How to assess needs for community instructional services: A guide for adult education practitioners. Tallahassee, FL: Department of Educational 

          Leadership, Florida State University.


International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.  (1997).  George Aker. 

           Retrieved July 3, 2011, from



George F. Aker Papers  An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University Retrieved from http://library.syr.edu/digital/guides/a/aker_gf.htm








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