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42 Jessie Allen Charters

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September 23, 1880 - 1971



Personal Data


Born: September 23,  1880 in Texas

Died: 1971

Married: W. W. Charters






B.S. - University of Washington - 1899


M.A. - University of Washington - 1901


PhD - Psychology University of Chicago - 1904 (studied philosophy under John Dewey and James R. Angell)





Carnegie Institute of Technology


University of Chicago


Ohio State University



Awards and Honors


Jessie Charters was the first female on the west coast to receive a Ph D., and also to receive the highest honors ever for a woman.


Membership-Professional Organizations


Founder of Pi Lambda Theta educational fraternity

Founded the Department of Adult Education at Ohio State University

Illinois Child Study Association





1936      Young Adults and the Church. Abington Press.  


Professional Interest Areas


Worked closely with the Illinois Parent-Teacher Association in developing study groups, which led to its national policy of a study group for each parent-teacher association.


Major proponent of adult education as a field of study and involving adults in a variety of aspects of continuing education.


Her primary area of interest was parental education and working with girls and women.



Major Contributions to Adult Education


First female professor of Adult Education. 


Founded Department of Adult Education at Hohio State University, the second graduate program in adult education at a university. 


Pioneering work to bring education to parents, college-age women, and alumni. 


She educated college women about sexual matters when these topics were not openly discussed. 


She offered lectures and courses promoting responsible sexual behavior, before it was acceptable and popular to do so.



Additional Resources



Karlovic, L. (1993). Jessie Allen Charters: A voice for our times. Adult Learning, 4(5), 13-14, 26.





Photo Gallery










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