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26 Huey Billy Long

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April 5, 1935 -



Personal Data


Married: Marie Ward

Children: 3, Huey B., Pamela Anne, and Mark Stafford





B.S. Florida State University, 1957

M.S. Florida State University, 1958

Ph.D. Florida State University, 1966




1958 -63 – District Information & Education Forester, Florida Forest Service.
1960 -61 – Geography Instructor, Florida Southern College.
1963 -64 – Assistant Chief, Information & Education Branch, Florida Forest Service
1964 -66 – Director of Public Relations and Special Assistant to the Mayor, City of Tallahassee, FL.
1966 -69 - Assistant Professor of Adult Education and Research Associate, Institute for Social Research, Florida State University.
1966 -67 – Associate Director, Urban Research Center, Florida State University.
1967 -69 - Director, Urban Research Center, Florida State University.
1969 -73 – Associate Professor of Adult Education and Member of Institute of Community & Area Development, University of Georgia.
1973 -82 – Director of Graduate Studies, College of Education, University of Georgia.

1975 -82 - Associate Dean for Research & Grad Studies, College of Education, University of Georgia.

1974 -87 – Professor of Adult Education, University of Georgia.
1988 -89 - University of Oklahoma Associates, Distinguished Professor.
1988 -Present – Faculty of College of Liberal Studies, University of Oklahoma.
1987 -91 – Director, Oklahoma Research Center for Continuing Professional and Higher Education.
1987 -Present – Professor of Continuing Professional and Higher Education,  University of Oklahoma.



Awards and Honors


1992          Outstanding Adult Educator, Oklahoma Learning Association. 

1991          Outstanding Alumni Award, Collegiate Category, Florida State University 

1984-85     Armand Hammer Post-doctoral Fellowship in the Andrew Norman Institute for Advanced Study in Gerontology and Geriatrics. Ethel Percy Andrus

                 Gerontology Center, University of Southern California       

1983          Recognition for service to international adult education, International Council for Adult Education 

1980          Recognition for research and publication in adult education by the Bureau of Worker-Peasant Education, Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of


1983-84     Nominated by Adult Education Dept. of College of Education for University Research Award

1980          Selected to brief first official group of educators from the People’s Republic of China on adult education in the USA

1979          Recognition for contributions to the field of adult / continuing education, Georgia Adult Education

1978          Recognition for outstanding contributions to the Coalition of Affiliated Organizations

1974          Special Recognition, Certificate of Recognition, National University Extension Association

1968-69     Boss of the Year, Titusville, FL, Chapter of the National Secretaries Association

1966          Conservation Award – Appalachee Audubon Society

1957-58     Academic Fellowship, The Florida State University

1963          Award for weekly feature by the Florida Press Association, for the column “Exploring the Buccaneer Coast” published by the Port Charlotte News



Membership-Professional Organizations


Professor of Continuing Professional and Higher Education

Director – Oklahoma Research Center for Continuing Professional and higher Education

American Association of Adult & Continuing Education

National university Continuing Education Association

Community Development Society

Georgia Adult Education Association

Commission of Professors of Adult Education

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Delta Kappa

Kappa Delta Kappa

Phi Kappa Phi

Honorary Member – Golden Key National Honor Society

Oklahoma Lifelong Learning Association 



Long, H. B.(1993). The Inquiring Mind. Third Edition. Norman, OK: Oklahoma Research Center for Continuing Professional and Higher           Education.

Long, H. B.(1991). Early Innovators in Adult Education. London: Routledge.


Long, H. B.(1990). Educational Gerontology: Trends and Developments in 2000-2011. Educational Gerontology. 15, 317-327


Benjamin Franklin in J. Thomas and E. Elsey. (1985).International Biography of Adult Education. Department of Adult           Education University Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.

Long, H. (1982). Career Brief: College Teacher. Careers, Inc.: Largo, FL.


Long, H. B.(1982). Theoretical Foundations of Adult Education: Borrowings from Other Disciplines. Theory, Innovation, and Practice                 in Andragogy. No.3 (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED228463). 

Long, H. B.(1983). Adult Learning Research and Practice. New York: Cambridge Book.


Long, H. B.(1980). Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education. With Roger Hiemstra and Associates, San Francisco: Jossey-              Bass Publishers.


Long, H. B.(1974). Lifelong Learning. Guest Editor, Journal of Research and Development in Education, 7, 4.


Long, H. B.(1971). Are They Too Old to Learn? Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall Piagetian                         Theory and Adult           Learning.


Long, H. B.(1968). American County Government. Education for Public Officials: What’s the Best Method? 33, pp. 52-58. 



Professional Interest Areas


Boy Scouts of America


Kingswood Community Association

Kiwanis Club

Florida Audubon Society

Florida Nature Conservancy



Major Contributions to Adult Education


Service to youth and community groups in adult education

International work in continuing adult education throughout the world

Extensive teaching, advising, consulting, and publishing

Led adult education efforts towards Florida’s forest and wildlife preservation

Practitioner in adult education for many years



Additional Resources



Adult Education in Church and Synagogue a Review of Selected Recent Literature (Other)

Adult Learning Research and Practice (Hardcover) → Hardcover

New Perspectives on the Education of Adults in the United States [Croom Helm series in international adult education] (Hardcover)

Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education [Jossey-Bass Series in Higher Education] (Paperback) → Hardcover

Adult and Continuing Education Responding to Change (Paperback)

Adult Education in Church and Synagogue a Review of Selected Recent Literature (Other)

Continuing Education of Adults in Colonial America [Occasional papers - Syracuse University, Publications in Continuing Education ; no. 45](Other)

Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education [The Adult Education Association handbook series in adult education] (Hardcover) → Paperback

Self Directed Learning Emerging Theory Practice (Paperback)

Advances in Research Practice in Self Directed Learning (Paperback)

Self-directed Learning Consensus and Conflict (Paperback)

Self-directed Learning Dissertation Abstracts 1966-1991 (Paperback)

Self-directed Learning Application and Research (Paperback)

Emerging Perspectives of Self Directed Learning (Paperback)

New Dimensions in Self Directed Learning (Paperback)

Current Developments in Self-directed Learning (Paperback) → Hardcover

Contemporary Ideas and Practices in Self-directed Learning(Paperback)




Photo Gallery




  Front Cover   












Long, H. B. (1996). International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.  Retrieved July 1, 2011, from



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Long, H .B., & Hiemstra, R. (1980). Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.








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