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George Vaideanu

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George Vaideanu (George Văideanu)

Born in June 26, 1924 (Podu-Iloaiei, Iasi) and died in 2014.


     1. Personal Data

     2. Education

     3. Employment

     4. Awards and Honors

     5. Membership-Professional Organizations

     6. Publications

     7. Professional Interests Areas      

     8. Major Contributions to Adult Education

     9. Additional Recourses 

     10. References


Personal Data



Podu-Iloaiei, Iasi, România
in 1924


In 2014 (aged 90)





      1948: He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

      1966: He took his doctorate in pedagogy with the School Aesthetic Culture.




      1959-1964: Lecturer at the Institute for the Training of Teachers in Iaşi 

      1964-1964: Associate professor at the Pedagogy Department of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi 

      1967-1973: Director of the Institute of Pedagogical Sciences.

      1968: Organizer of the First European Symposium in Adult Education: Scientific Research and Cultural Action in Bucharest 

      1973-1980: Head of the Department of Structures and Pre-University Education of the UNESCO Center in Paris.

      1990-1994: Secretary General of the UNESCO National Commission for Romania


 Awards and Honors

     Doctor HonorisCausa of the State Pedagogical University of Chisinau (1994)

     International Man of the Year (1991-1992)

     The American Biographical Institute (1987)

 Membership-Professional Organizations


      Member of the Academy of Sciences of New York, 1993



      G. Vaideanu & S. Bârsănescu. (1961) Educaţia estetică
      G. Vaideanu. (1970) Fundamenta Pedagogiae

      G. Vaideanu., P. Popescu., T. Popescu., & I. Irimia (1971) Educaţia intelectuală studii Constatative Si Prospective

      G. Vaideanu. (1976) Pedagogie. Ghid pentru profesori 

      L. D.Hainaut., D. Lawton., R.Ochs., D.E.Super., G. Vaideanu., & A. Yerodia. (1981) Curricula and Lifelong Education

      G. Vaideanu. (1985) International Symposium on Interdisciplinarity in General Education

      G. Vaideanu. (1987) Interdisciplinarity in education: a tentative synthesis  

      G. Vaideanu & S. Rassekh. (1987)  Les contenus de l’éducation: perspectives mondiales d'ici à l'an 2000

                                                              (The Contents of Education: A Worldwide View of Their Development from the Present to the Year 2000) 

      G. Vaideanu. (1988) Educaţia la frontiera dintre milenii 

      G. Vaideanu. (1997) UNESCO – 50: educatie.



         Version in English: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001886/188691eo.pdf

        Version in English: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0007/000740/074001eo.pdf




Professional Interests Areas      

     Aesthetic education 

     Moral education


     Education theory



     Reform of education systems

     Research methodology

     Comparative pedagogy

     Adult education and lifelong learning.

 Major Contributions to Adult Education

     In adult and continuing education, he believed that education for adults required psychological and methodological approaches that should differ

     significantly from those used for traditional aged students. According to Vaideanu, there was a direct relationship between the age of the students

     and the educational objectives,content, strategies, means, learning environment, and assessment techniques employed.


Additional Recourses 

     Vaideanu initiated the first programs for “the second literacy,” employing new technologies. He organized regional centers of UNESCO aiming at

     involving the communities more than previously, drawing local decision makers and local populations into the educational process. 



     http://www.ise.ro/in-memoriam-george-vaideanu   Retrieved from Feb, 2018

     http://www.halloffame.outreach.ou.edu/2015/Vaideanu.html  Retrieved from Feb, 2018







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