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Copy of 16 Robert James Havighurst

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June 5, 1900 - January 31, 1991



Personal Data


1918:  He served in the U.S. Army


1930:  Married Esythe D. McNelly, June 21, 1930.  The marriage produce 5 children:  James Parsons, Walter M., Helen (Mrs. Marvin S. Berk), Ruth (Mrs. Samuel H. Neff), and Dorothy (Mrs. Thomas Kucera)


1983:  Retired.  Havighurst continued to teach and conduct research until 1990.








1921:  B.A   -  Ohio  Wesleyan University, Oh  

1922:  M.A. -  Ohio State University, Oh 

1924:  Ph.D. - Ohio State University, Oh 

            Post-doctoral Fellow - Harvard University, MA




           1971:     National Planning Committee of the White House Conference on Aging

1965-1969:     Visiting Professor, University of Missouri

1956-1958:     Co-Director of Government Center for Educational Research, Brazil

            1951:    Chair, National Committee for Peaceful Alternatives

1947-1950:     Chair, Department of Education & Human Development, University of Chicago

1947-1991:     Professor of Education, University of Chicago

1934-1947:     Director and Co-Director, Rockefeller Foundation

1932-1934:     Associate Professor, Ohio State University

1928-1932:     Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin

1924-1926:     National Research Council fellow in Physics, Harvard

           1924:    Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Miami University, Ohio

           1918:    U.S. Army 



Awards and Honors


                       Hon. LL.D., Ohio Wesleyan University

1924-1926:  National Research Council Fellowship

1953-1954:  Fulbright grant to University of New Zealand 

          1961:  Fulbright grant to University of Buenos Aires

          1967:  Kleemeier award for research 

          1979:  Brookdale Award 



Membership-Professional Organizations


American Education Research Association

National Society for the Study of Education

American Association of University Professors

Phi Beta Kappa

Sigma Xi

Phi Delta Theta






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Warner, L. W., & Havighurst, R.(1944). Who shall be educated? The challenge of unequal opportunities. New York, NY: Harper & Brothers. LA210 .W33 1944.


Havighurst, R., & Dreyer, P. (1975). Chapter 5: Objectives for youth development, Chapter 7: Youth in social institutions, Chapter 8: Youth and the meaning of the world, Chapter 12: Youth and cultural plurism. Youth. Chicago, Illinois : University of Chicago Press.  LB 5 .N25 74th pt. 1 1975



Professional Interest Areas


Aging Adults

Adult Education

American Indian Education

Life Cycle

Cross National Research

Social roles of adults



Major Contributions to Adult Education


Havighurst studied a person’s life cycle from birth to old age. His research resulted in development of the first major book on aging for both psychology and sociology.  His work refuted the popular stereotypes of aging, and proved that there are multiple patterns for successful aging. 

Created with creating the term "teachable moment".  Known for research on social roles.



Additional Resources



Photo Gallery

      Older People (Growing old)








Interesting Facts 


Havighurst's collection of papers are housed in the Special Collections Department at the University of Chicago Library.



Havighurst, R. J. (1960). Adolescence and the postponement of adulthood.  The School Review, 68(1), 52-62. Retrieved July 5, 2011, 

           from http://www.jstor.org/stable/1083872        


International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.  (1997).  Robert James Havighurst. 

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