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Zhimin Gao

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1954 - 



Personal Data

Zhimin Gao, male, born in 1954 in Shanghai, China ( PRC )

Chinese Communist Party Member.

East China Normal University professor, doctoral tutor.

Professor Gao is a famous adult education expert in China, he is one of the leaders of Adult Education professional disciplines in China. 




In the 1980s, he studied in University of MontrealCanada.

 In 1997, he went to Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) in France,as a visiting scholar. 




East China Normal University professor, doctoral tutor.


Director of East China Normal University Research Center for Adult Vocational and adult education institutes.  

Director of the graduate work of the Steering Committee of Vocational Education and Adult Education, East China Normal University.

 Tongji University adjunct professor. 


Awards and Honors

the Outstanding Achievement Award National Education Science; 

 the Top Ten Youth Teachers of East China Normal University ; 

 the Outstanding Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities in Shanghai; 

the National Adult Education Excellent Educators and other awards.



Membership-Professional Organizations

Member of National Adult Education Science Planning Leading Group. 

Executive director of China Adult Education Association.

Director of National Working Committee for scientific research institutions adult education. 

Part-time researcher at the Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences.

China Adult Education Association executive director.

Ministry of Education, National Education Science Planning Leading Group members of the Adult Education Research Group.

Co-president of the National Committee of Chinese scientific research institutions of Adult Education Adult Education Association.




"Harmonious society and education of the elderly," executive editor, Shanghai Education Press, June 2007.

"Adult Education Sociology", the first author, Hebei Education Press, July 2006.

"Lifelong Education, Lifelong Learning and Learning Society", the first author, East China Normal University Press, 2005.

"(Adult) View on the concept of happiness and Labor", co-authored with French scholars, ENS, 1998

"Adult Educational Psychology", editor, Shanghai Science and Technology Education Press, 1997

"Contemporary World Education and Scientific Development of Adult Education", independently, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 1997

"China Research Training System jobs - Overseas Vocational Training System Comparative Study", editor, China Personnel Press, 1995

"China's high school education mode," with co-author, and so Jiang Ming, Higher Education Press, 1993

"Comparative study abroad high school education and Taiwan Province of China", editor, labor, 1992

"Philosophical Foundation of Adult Education" (translation), independently, employee education Press, 1990

"Adult Education", co-authored with Shilu Sun, Heilongjiang Education Press, 1989

"Adult Learning Methodology", co-authored with Chaoqun Tong and others, Rural Readings Press, 1989



The main research projects

At the "Adult Education Discipline System Criticism and Reconstruction", the Ministry of Education "eleven five" key projects, 2007-

Presided over a "harmonious society and education of the elderly", the Shanghai Education Commission commissioned projects, 2005-

Presided over the "Response of Adult Education in the New Century Sociology of Development", the State Education Commission, "Nine Five" key projects, 2002-2006

He presided over the "Lifelong Education, Lifelong Learning and Learning Society in Modern Theory and Practice of the operating strategy of support", the Shanghai Education Commission Educational Science Foundation, 2001-

Presided over the "Comparative Study of Higher Education in three modules," Zhejiang University Social Science Fund, 1999-2001

At the "Research Training trainers", the Shanghai Education Commission Educational Science Foundation, 1999-2001

The main members of the "Bonheur et Travail", the French Ministry of Labour funded project 1997-1998

Hosted "Building and Development of Adult Education Science System", the state Board of Education "Nine Five" key projects, 1997-2001

Sole "Contemporary World Education and Scientific Development of Adult Education", National Philosophy and Social "eight five" special fund Youth, 1992-1996

Presided over the "foreign vocational training system comparative study", National Philosophy and Social "eight five" key projects, 1992-1996

The main members of the "post-high school education mode," National Philosophy and Social "Plan" key projects, 1987-1992

Presided over the "foreign post-secondary education and Taiwan Province of China Comparative study of" National Philosophy and Social "Plan" key projects, 1987-1992



Professional Interest Areas

1. Basic Theory of Adult Education

2. Psychology and Learning of Adults

3. Philosophical Foundation of Adult Education

4. The Training to the Trainer

5. Sociology of Adult Education

6. Lifelong Education‚ Lifelong Learning and Learning Society

7. Aging Society and Aged Education

8. Theory and Approach of Adult Learning

9. Workplace Learning

10. Learning Community

11. International Comparative  Adult Education




Major Contributions to Adult Education

Professor Gao diligents in adult education scientific research in his 30-year career. He has hosted a national philosophy and social key project "Comparative study abroad in Taiwan Province of China and post-secondary education"; National Philosophy and Social key project "Comparative study of foreign vocational training system"; Ministry of Education key project "Building and development of adult Education scientific system" and "adult Education in response to the new century, the development of sociology"; "training of trainers research" Shanghai educational Science planning project, educational Science planning project "lifelong Education, lifelong learning and practice of operational strategies with the support of the modern theory of Social learning". He commissioned by the Shanghai Education commission project "educational Research elderly in the process of building a harmonious society" and so on. 

 In addition, he has also undertaken independent national philosophy and social "eight five" Special Fund for Youth Project "Contemporary World Education and Scientific Development of 

Adult Education"; participated in the French Ministry of Labor funded project "Bonheuret Travail" research.

He also projected the Ministry of Education Key topics: "Criticism and Reconstruction of Adult Education Discipline System", and participated in international research project "Educational Studies in East Asian countries and regions low birthrate and aging and the public awareness of fertility" , he was appointed sub-head of research in Shanghai.

In 2004, in his lead, his colleagues and him worked together in the creation of the first doctoral Adult Education in mainland China.



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East China Normal University, Zhinmin Gao http://faculty.ecnu.edu.cn/s/363/main.jspy

Baidu Baike, Zhimin Gao http://baike.baidu.com/view/2373094.htm








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